Friday, June 15, 2012

Friendly Faces

The people in Brazil are nice. Really nice. Smile at you, offer you food, compliment your rusty Portughese nice.

When I tell Brazilian teachers and students this, they smile and laugh and just get nicer. I have met warm, friendly faces in the schools, the hotels, the taxis, and the stores. Today I had a wonderful experience buying haivanna flip flops. The store manager patiently waited and agreed with a smile when I asked to try on 7 different colors. It is okay if things take longer, if things don't happen as planned, or things don't happen at all.

In the public and private schools I have visited, the school community feels honored to welcome Amerian teachers. More than this, they have honest, curious questions about education in America and what it is like to get into college. I feel valued as a visitor here.

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