Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missing Pieces

After starting a 1000 piece puzzle over President's Day weekend, I clicked the final pieces into place this afternoon. As the Hawaiian lagoon and three turtles sprawled across my kitchen table, I noticed that I was short one piece. One of the sea turtle's shell would remain unfinished as I searched the floor without any luck.

I decided that the puzzle was beautiful despite the mising piece, and this made me ponder the missing pieces in my own classroom. Global awareness is clearly missing from the curriculum in my small, rural school. The parameters of the small town are rarely crossed as small-town life takes its course. In the classroon, global education can create opportunities for students to gain a different perpsective and understand more about the world. Does this missing piece distort the big picture?

Unlike my puzzle, I think it does. The very nature of education is to expand knowledge and understanding and to move beyond a limited, ignorant view of the world. Global education is a step in education, not a piece that can be overlooked.