Thursday, June 14, 2012

The City of the Future

The city of Brasilia, Brazil could be in a science fiction movie. We arrived Sunday, June 9th, 11 U.S teachers total, to start our trip to learn about the educational system in Brazil. The architecture made us feel like we were in the city of the future. The buildings, made mostly of cement, flow in soft curves and lines. The cathedral curves towards the blue sky. One government building spills water from each level from infinity-edge waterfalls. Despite the futuristic architecture, we also experienced a very simple, down to earth aspect of the city on our first day. Every weekend there is a an outside market where local artisans display art, sculpture, and other goods. Delicious smells lured us to the food section of the market' where we ate empadas and pastels, or fried pockets of pretty much any kind of meat and cheese. We didn't understand the Portughese, but after a smile and some pointing we were able to spend our first realais and have a snack. This first day of sightseeing and exploring got us all excited to see where the city of the future goes to school. Our first stop will be the public school, Elefante Branco.

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